WordPress Vs. Blogger which is better and why? Siteoverflow.com

WordPress vs. Blogger: Which is better to use? pros and cons in 2019

One of the most common confusing topic WordPress vs. Blogger which one i should use? In this articel i will give an idea about WordPress and Blogger so that you can choose one of them. Lets start…

2.Wordpress Vs. Blogger Chart Details.
3.Which is best to choose WordPress or blogger
4.Blogger Pros
5.Blogger cons
6.Wordpress Pros
7.WordPress Cons.
8.The conclusion of WordPress Vs. Blogger
9.Things to Know as a blogger

WordPress Vs. Blogger which is better and why? Siteoverflow.com
WordPress Vs. Blogger which is better and why?

1.Introduction of WordPress and Blogger

Creating a blog could be the daunting and time-consuming task especially for a novice.However After creating your blog you need to promote your blog along with learning SEO technic to get traffic. So before that, you need to find a blogging platform which will be suitable for you.

A common question is arise for every new blogger that which one I should blogger or WordPress?
So in this article, I will give a comparison about WordPress vs. Blogger so that you can find the best one for you.

Generally most commonly used blogging platform is the blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, Squarespace, and many others. Although Blogger and WordPress both are providing a lot of features like tracking traffic, administrator module, Ad integration with the advertising network, dashboard.

But always you should keep in mind about your blog niche and post-performance along with traffic details, you should be compatible with your dashboard.

2.Wordpress vs. Blogger chart details

Here is a chart which shows the trend of WordPress vs. Blogger from the worldwide in the last 12 months.

3.Which is best to choose WordPress or Blogger

Blogger was launch in 1999 then, later on, google purchase, now Google is the owner. It is one of the most commonly used blogging platforms. It is free of cost.

The default subdomain is Blogspot.come, means if you create a blog the default URL will be your website name.blogspot.com but you can customize your blog URL by adding a custom domain.

While WordPress is one of the most successful platforms to create a site or blog. You need to pay a little amount to your hosting company actually its depends on which company you are taking.

4.Blogger pros

One of the great features of a blogger is you no need to worry about your site hosting, google will give you free of cost hosting services with SSL certificate.Although You can add your custom domain to make it more professional. Since Google is hosting your site so they will also take care of your site back up and database there is a very very less chance to lose data.

Easily you can integrate with other Google product like Google Adsense, analytic or google site master. Blogger also provides membership features like you can add others member to your account.

so if you want to start a blog with free of cost then the blogger will be one of the most choosable platforms.

5.Blogger cons

To create a blogger account you need to have a google account. The dashboard is not more interactive compared to 2018 modern dashboard style.
Since Google is the owner of the blogger so you do not have complete control of your blog. The design cope is very less because Google provides the limited option if you want to change you have to do hard work.

You don’t have much opportunity to add your own plugin like WordPress, you can change the code or CSS but it is time-consuming and complicated.
Initially, your blog URL will be your default site name.Blogspot.com. Forum long time there is no development and no update happen form google.

6.WordPress Pros

WordPress, its a huge platform for a blogger with having multiple of features. They have two different kinds of WordPress one is hosted and another is a self-hosted platform. The self-hosted is most popular for that you need to have your domain and hosting space their you have to host site.

The great feature is you have complete control to your site. And WordPress is one of the products which is daily updating with having a huge community form all over the world. because of huge community WordPress provided the lot of features, theme, plaguing.

However According to a source, WordPress has a 30% market in 2018. Most of the now prefer WordPress to promote their business or product. With WordPress, you can make a money making site, eCom site or blog etc. The best part is you no need to know the core coding to design your site it provides multiple customization solutions and multiple frontend plugins.

So Easily you can create your landing page and can promote your affiliate product, you can create your membership website and give services to your client.

7.WordPress cons

As I said earlier that in WordPress you have full control of your website so you will be responsible to take backup database or site. You need to make sure site security you may use third-party software for data protection.

As WordPress has many free or paid themes and plugins, that can make you confused to choose the best and suitable for you.and this thing happened to me. So when you are going to use WordPress you should know about your themes and plugins which one you are going to use.

You need to pay the minimum amount to your hosting company to run your site without having any trouble.

8.The conclusion of WordPress vs. blogger

So now you have an idea that what is the basics difference between WordPress Vs. Blogger, based on that now you need to choose which platform will be suitable for you.

In a summary, I will say both the platform are good based on their own product.
Blogger is free but WordPress you need the minimum money to host the site.

Blogger gives stander and the decent amount of wizard but WordPress give more wizard.
The scope of the team selection for the blogger is very less but in the WordPress, you can get more than 1000+ themes.
WordPress is more SEO friendly compare to Blogger.

9.Things to know as a blogger

As a blogger, you need to choose your blog niche first.
Your blog site name should match with your niche.
Your niche is very important for your content.
You need to give quality content with marketing research.

That’s all guys I hope this article will help you in the right direction, let me know in comment section below what you think about WordPress vs. Blogger.

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