What is wordpress why to learn wordpress

What is WordPress and advantages of WordPress?

WordPress on of the most popular Content Management System(CMS), it is open source. It provides a blogging platform where a user can create their business, own personal website in the easiest way. Nowadays WordPress became the most popular blogging platform, form WordPress dashboard you can monitor or customize their site. It is very easy to customize the design and information. Anyone can make their website with the help of WordPress, it is not necessary that you must know the coding, this is the cool part of WordPress. Generally, WordPress integrate with PHP as a server site code and MySql for the database.

Advantages of WordPress

As I said earlier that WordPress is a perfect platform for blogging and it is very easier to maintain. Here I found some of the major sense which will influence you to learn more about WordPress.

  • Open Source
  • Easier to customized
  • General settings
  • Themes and plaguing
  • Powerfull SEO
  • Monitoring
  • Writing skill

1.Open Source

WordPress is a completely open source, to download and install it will cost you $0. You can create and host your site after install WordPress in your hosting account. Especially if you are on the tight budget you can host your site with the minimum hosting plan.

In the market, there are may hosting company available you can purchase a hosting account, some of the popular hosting company like GoDaddy, Hostinger, Bluehost, SiteGround etc. Another way is there to learn and worked on WordPress without buying hosting and domain you can run a WordPress site in your local machine.

In our upcoming post, we will give you a brief tutorial about how to run WordPress site in the local machine and also by purchasing a hosting account. You will also learn how to use WordPress and how to install WordPress.

2.Easier to customized

It is very easier to create the WordPress site, to design an informatic site it will take hardly 3 to 4 hour. It provides many customized facilities and plugin which makes easier to develop a site without touching the core code part.

You just learn to know where and how to customize that’s all. when I started to make site overflow literally I do not know about WordPress I just took a domain and hosting then I install WordPress, then slowly I learn about WordPress it does not take a long time to learn as I said earlier anyone can learn WordPress it is very easy.

3.General settings

Appearance can be changed by changing the general settings, WordPress provides some of the default settings which can change the complete look of your site.

Generally if you want to make a site form the scratch with coding, it will take a long time again if you want to change the look of your site again you have to give the time for that. In the case of WordPress, it provides many free/paid them. To change the site look you can choose any them and just activate it.

4. Themes and Plaguing

One of the most advantages of WordPress is it has many free WordPress themes and plugins you can choose according to your business. Many companies provide premium WordPress themes different category wise like WordPress photography themes WordPress portfolio themes, WordPress eCommerce themes, WordPress blog templates etc. Themes will change your site UI design and plugins will allow you to enhance the site functionality.

5. Powerful SEO

WordPress one of SEO friendly platform, it allows you to write the metadata and description for your post in an easy way It provides different customize permalink options which are very helpful for the SEO are important to have a title and alt tags for each images WordPress provide this thing in an easy way or you can use any WordPress SEO plugin for that also Heading optimization is also an important part for a blog post because if you use H1 H2 tag for your blog heading that would be more useful.

6. Monitoring

Form your WordPress dashboard you can monitor your site performance, traffic details. it is very easy to connect with google analytics so form one place you can manage everything which is the coolest part of WordPress.

7. Writing Skill

There are several reasons to learn WordPress as I said you before. However if you really interested in writing , want to share your knowledge then I would recommend you to learn WordPress. After that, you can start a blog because WordPress is one of the cool platforms to express yourself, share and gain knowledge.

Let me know in the comment section below what you think about WordPress.

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