Top 7 methods can boost your website traffic

Top 7 methods can boost your website traffic

Traffic is one of the most important things for all websites or blog. Without traffic or without visitors, there is no point to write a good article. But getting regular traffic is not an easy thing. To get regular traffic you need lots of hard work and patience. Here is a solution for you to boost your website traffic.

Ultimately you will be satisfied only when more traffic will come to your post or website to read your site content and get some valuable information right?

So are you really struggling with traffic? Then this is the article for you, if you following this seven steps then no doubt you will get a good result!

Here the Seven Methods which i personally call BOOSTER Method

  • Email to your subscriber
  • Push notifications
  • Promote to social media
  • Focus on keyword research
  • Work on creating backlinks
  • Paid Advertisement
  • Creating a Youtube channel

Email to your subscriber

One of the brilliant strategies is to send an email to your subscriber this would be a huge impact on your website.
For example, if you have 10,000 email subscriber and when you are publishing your article just send them an email. In The body of your email explain about what is your mail about and provide your latest article link. I know your all subscriber will not open your mail but just imagine at list 30% people will open and they will check your latest article so and will get traffic in free that’s the power of an email.

I am not telling immediately they will open your mail and they will go to your blog it depends on how you present with an email.

Some people may open after two or three days later or maybe a week later then the percentage may increase by 30% to 50% or more.

So this a is a very useful tricky strategy to get free traffic.

Push notifications

Push notification is another popular method to get free traffic and it is one of my favorite tool. You might have noticed when you are visiting some website sometimes it asks do you want to allow to get notification from this site? and there have two option allow and disallow and if you allow then from next time whenever new article will publish you will get and push notification on your browser. Nowadays many websites using this kind of notification this very uses full and fully automated process there is no headache only thing is you need to do some initial setup and then magic start.

You can give a static get notification button in bottom or top or wherever you want or also can give a popup notification like when someone will visit your website after 5 or 10 second later your push notification popup will open and will ask about allowing or disallow.

If you do not use this kind of notification then I will suggest you use it.It will defiantly boost your website traffic for sure.

Promote to social media

One of the popular ways to get your blog traffic is social media promotion nowadays it is a very trendy method but social media promotion is not an easy task, for that you need to figure out strategy.
After publishing your post you can promote to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. If you have a Facebook page you can promote there itself, the Facebook page is a great platform because there is good chance to get traffic for your blog because you will get most of the target audience.

But for everyone Facebook page may not work well then you can promote to other social media platform because writing good content is not enough marketing is also important.

For initial starting, Pinterest is very good and popular to get traffic and you can easily pin to your profile.

Focus on keyword research

Another method is focusing to the keyword form SEO point of view, you need to find the trendy keyword which is related to your article.

After choosing the blog topic you should find the most popular keyword with higher search you can search keyword from a particular country or world wield this is up to you.

After choosing the keyword that keyword you need use in your blog so if you able to make an SEO friendly article then when someone will search with that keyword your article may come to their hand.
To search keyword you can use the free tool as well as paid tools, google keyword planner or bing keyword planner, Ubersuggest this is the free tool to find the keyword in the paid tools you can use Semrush, Ahrefs etc.

The best practice is choosing article topic then find target keyword now after finding keyword write your post then in that post using those keywords.

The advantages of this method are it includes the keyword as well as it increases the number of word count.

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Work on creating backlinks

If you do not hear about backlinks then you need to pay attention to this point.
Backlinks are very very important form the SEO point of view, before going to details let me tell you what is all about backlinks?
When a link is referred from another website it means both the website is connected through a link is call backlinks.
Backlinks give huge impact in the SEO search result that can be google or bing or any other search engine.
If a website has more backlinks it means that website have a higher chance to get rank.

Paid Advertisement

This is not the free method it is a paid method if you want to promote your articles then you can go for a paid advertisement campaign.
You can do campaign through your facebook page with the help of facebook advertisement.
Then advantages of facebook page promotion are you will get targeted page like and follower.
If you have a good number of followers in the facebook page then you can post your latest articles to the facebook page that will reach to your FB page followers.
You can promote through google ad or bing ad or other paid ad platform this is up to you.

Creating a youtube channel

This is one of the free traffic sources by creating a youtube channel and upload the videos according to your niche.
You can make video content and upload to the youtube according to your niche and in the video description, you mention the blog link.

Let me know in the comment section bellow which method you are using to boost your website traffic!

I hope you will like this article if have any doubts you can leave a comment your comment will give me positive energy and I will be happy, to respond you.

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