How to start a blog in 2019

Blogging is one of the amazing platforms to connect with people from all over the world which is very exciting and share your knowledge.

It is very easy to start a blog but it is difficult to be master on this. In this article, I will guide
you on how to start a blog and be a pro.

1. The reasons behind to start a blog

2. In this case, you should not start a blog

3. What would be your blog content?

4. How to find your blog name.

5. How to choose your blogging platform.

6. Why you shouldn’t create your blog on the free platform?

7. Introduction to WordPress.

8. How to make SEO friendly

9. How to rank in others search engine

10. How to set up a blog.

11.publishing your first post.

12.How to create backlinks

13.How to make Money from your blog.

1. The reasons behind to start a blog

There is no particular reason behind to start a blog. Running a blog would be a hobby or to boost the Career.

Running a blog gives the opportunity to come with new ideas and share knowledge. some of the basic reason to start a blog is

Why to start a blog
Why to start a blog
  • Some people want to express their creativity with their writing skill. They want to create a good creativity image which would be helpful for their future.
  • Some people just want to boost their career and CV for the future. A successful blog gives multiple opportunities to move the career.
  • Some people want to create a big audience and established a business.
  • Many people came in the blogging field to connect with different kind of people and making friends.
  • Money making is also one of the common reason to start blogging and promote the products to become self-employed.
  • Business promotion.

Basically blogging is all about creativity, business, and moneymaking.

There are many reasons is there is very persons to persons.

2. In this case, you should not start a blog

Here some of the key points I fill should keep in mind before going to start a blog.

However, as I said earlier blogging gives you a platform where you can express your knowledge you can provide multiple information. It is true that through blogging can earn money but it is not mean that but if you start now animal earns money from the next day.

You have to know why you are creating a blog what is your goal what information you will provide to you. I have seen many people who have just started their blog because of money they don’t care about the hobby.

Some of them start the written 3 or 4 posts but after that, they stop blogging they are not able to find a new topic. Here are the interesting things if you start your blog with passion then always look at the new ideas new topic for your blog post.

So here I want to suggest to you if you start a blog just because of money then you have to say about your blog. you have to provide quality time so that you can work on your site backlinks finding competitive words etc.

But if you don’t want to give more time I am expecting good results from your blog then I would suggest don’t start a blog because to run a successful blog you have to give quality time and you have to do lots of hard work.

If you are starting a blog with passion then it will be easy for you there will be no headache Telugu no tension for your next post.

Read this article here I explain how you can start your blog 19 step by step.

3. What would be your blog content

It is very important to figure out your blog content topic before start a blog. The topic you should really take care which you like more and passionate about it.

Market research is also an important part to select your blog content, you need to find such a topic which is trending or most searchable topic.

Decide your blog content

The best practice before start your blog make ready 10 to 15 articles ready and once those article are ready you can publish your website as well as can start published those articles every 2 or 3 days interval and in the same time you need to keep on keyword research, finding next blog topic and writing articles this will really help you to become a successful blogger.

4. How to find the blog name

Finding a blog name or create a brand is one of the most essential part. Before start finding a blog name, you need to make sure about your blog niche.
Once you finalized about your blog niche then
You can go for blog name searching.
Make sure your blog name should be matched to your niche or blog name should be meaning full with your niche.

My blog name site overflow there is two words both words have inner mining.

Another thing you should remember that your blog name should be within 3 words maximum not more than that because you need think form visitors prospective just imagine if in your blog have more than 3 words it will be hard to remember for them.

So stick within 3 words and try to make a meaning full combination.

5. How to choose your blogging platform

Well, it is a pretty interesting order to choose a suitable blogging platform is not an easy task. Lots of controversies are there with this is best that is best but you have to choose one of them yes as is said earlier it is not easy.
Don’t worry here is a tip for you …
Especially those are new in the blogging industry they get more confused about the platform.

Do homework for that like what is your budget, do you have any programming skills, do you want to monetize your blog later? Are you just simply writing?

Write down the answer to all this question that will give you a clear picture of your blogging.

Now let’s come back to choosing part.

If you want to do blogging free then I would like to suggest you go forward with Blogger.
Even when I started blogging I also started with blogger because blogger provides a very simple and straight forward platform anyone can understand or earn easily.

Many of you think about how to create a free blog and make money or how to make money in a blog.

The advantage of beaing a blogger is, later on, you can monetize your blog once it gets a good number regular visitor.
Which will mine money for you, how exciting is that yes it is.

Read WordPress vs. Blogger : Which is better to use ? and why?

6. Why you shouldn’t create your blog on free platform?

So now let’s understand why you should not create your blog in the free platform. As you know in the market we have many free available options where you can create a blog. but creating a blog on a free platform is not an ideal decision.

One of the most reasons which I feel is Access Control. Yes, whenever you will create your blog in a hosted platform it means you don’t have full access.

You have to survive with limited permissions. But if start with a self-hosted platform it means you have full freedom in your site you are the boss.

The second reason I would like to tell is data security, although most of the hosted platform provides better security but still as I said earlier you will have very limited permission.

It is something like Keeping your data to someone’s house if something bad happens then you will lose your data. And how you will ensure that your data are secure no one misuse it.

The last point I will say is limited customize.
This related to Access Control since you are using a free hosted platform always you cannot do customization as per your requirement.
whereas in the self-hosted account you can customize your blog from scratch.

7. Introduction to WordPress.

So staring blog would be easy in WordPress or blogger for a newbie.

I will suggest you start with WordPress by buying a hosting plan and domain.

Although if you want you can start with Blogger later on you can migrate your site to WordPress.

As you know WordPress is a content management system tool which provides data in structure wise. You can create a blog or business website, free and paid both options available.

Here is a complete guide to know more about WordPress I have details blog post check it here.

8. How to make SEO friendly

Only writing is not enough at the same time you have to think about SEO for your articles because SEO will help you to get traffic.

So when it comes to SEO you may hear backlinks, keyword, link building, do-follow, no-follow this are the terms.
Yes, this is all the SEO related keywords phrases now let’s understand how you can make your article SEO friendly.

  • Find competitive blog topic which very trendy and people are very querying about then write a quality post.
  • Find most searchable keywords phrases which are related to your article. for example, you are writing about “affiliate marketing“. The related keyword may be “ClickBank affiliate marketing“.So after finding such keyword use those in your articles.
  • Focus on long-tail keyword, long tail means searchable query with multiple words. For example, you are writing about “Online marketing“. The long tail keyword can be, “how to make money in Online Marketing?” To find keyword can use a free or paid tool like google keyword planner, ubersuggest, ahrefs etc.
  • Use proper heading tag like H1, H2, H3 etc. which helps to bot to rank your article based on the request.
  • Use the picture in your post with alt text. which will helps to rank your bog image.
  • Shearing post to social media is an amazing alternative to make your post SEO friendly.

9. How to rank in others search engine

The best ways to get rank in the search engine is to submit your sitemap. Every search engine has crawler which finds the latest article from the sitemap.

For Google have their webmaster tool similarly bing has bing webmaster tool.

To submit your website sitemap and verify it which will help you to get traffic.

10. How to set up a blog

To set up a blog first you have to buy a domain and hosting if you go with self hosted platform. Once you purchase login to your cPanel and install wordPress.

After installing WordPress login to your admin area and you will reach to your dashboard.

This is very easy to to setup in WordPress.

However if you want to start with blogger then you have to login with your email id and click here .

then you have to choose blog name and published and your done.

But i will recommended you to start with WordPress.

How to Install WordPress in localhost or Local system in 2019

11. Publishing your first post.

So let’s understand how to publish your first article.
I just assume you have chosen your niche and purchased hosting, domain and you are are in dashboard now.

I am staring with the WordPress dashboard.
To create new post click to Posts -> then Add New

Here you have to fill all the required information about your post. Then you can publish your articles.

You have to provide a title.

Here the body of the post here you have to write about your blog post.

During a write, you can save in draft before publishing.

Give Url slug by default your blog title will appear as a URL slug you can change it if you want.

Provide category

Here is the final steps just Published now your first post is live.


12. How to create backlinks

Creating backlinks is not easy but yes it is very important in SEO Point of view. If in your blog have a decent number of backlinks there is a higher chance to rank.

Lets me explain what is backlinks about if you don’t know. So Backlinks is a bridge between two websites. for example, one site is site1 and another is site2 now in any post or pages of site1 if you provide the like of site2 it means you are given one backlink to site2.

So visitor can come site2 from search engines and also through site1.

Basically, this is the concept of backlinks in a short with the help of backlinks you are creating multiple channels for your website or blog.

Most of the search engine like those websites who have more backlinks.

As I said creating backlinks is not easy but you can follow my favorite tips …

Find related Articles

After publishing, your article finds similar articles and visit there blog and leave a comment and in the comment section mention your post link. Which will indicate another post with a similar category?
But make the sure comment on those posts whose subject are match with your articles.

Promote to social media

Share social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Which will help to share your post and some times if you find valuable content they will give backlinks.

Solve peoples query by giving answer

Provide an answer in quora, find some question from Quora which is related to your post and answer their question.
When you are writing question mention your blog post link by saying something like continue reading.

Write that post another platform

Write post in Steemit and mention your original post link.

Hire a SEO expert

If you are still struggling with backlinks its a better hire one SEO expert who will take care your backlinks.
But before hiring I will suggest you try all the above alternatives then go for hire expert.

13. How to make Money from your blog.

Here is one interesting point, you can make money from your blog. Although lots of ways to make money from your blog I will explain three common ways.


It one of the most popular ways to make money form your blog usually every blogger follow. Basically in your articles

Make money from blog
Make money from a blog

you are promoting, suggesting products or services to your readers.
For example, you are using Bluehost for your website hosting if you are comfortable with service then you can refer to your readers through the affiliate like. If someone purchase through your link you will get the commission.

So like these ways you can promote many digital products.


Retargeting is a way where you can reach to your subscriber with affiliate product. So here also the business modal is if your subscriber convert to the customer through your affiliate link means you are generating profit.
But before re-targeting you have to make sure you have a good email list because you will be sending offer through email.

To collect email list form your reader use HelloBar, this is one of my favorite tools it is very powerful to convert the reader to the subscriber.
It is free and paid both features available ill suggest you if your a beginner go with the free plan which is sufficient for a stater.

Signup with Hellobar.

What is Affiliate marketing and how does it work?


The advertisement is an alternative way to make money if you have quality content and decent monthly viewer then you can apply as a publisher to monetize your blog.

Much advertisement company available you can choose which you like,
The earning form advertisement if someone clicks to ads you will get paid. CPC depends on ads company and country if the click comes from us UK Canada you will get more CPC.

Some company pays for page views also something 1$ for 1000 views, all companies do not pay basically it depends on the company.

Here some popular advertisement company is Google Adsense, Media .net, Revenue hits, etc.

Although there are lots of ways to show ads and generate revenue you can get direct advertisement to form the owner. I will not go in the details but here is explain the basic ways to generate revenue from your blog.
I will suggest you if you are newbie the follow these basic tips and update your skill later on you will learn many things.

So guys this all about How to start a blog in 2019 the ultimate guide.

I am sure now you have a clear idea of how to start a blog.


So, in the end, I will say think first why you want to create blog fixed the psychology first.

Then identify your blogging niche and think about blog content.

Research and choose a lovey brandable blog name.

Decide your blogging platform where you want to write.

Setup your blog.

Make your blog SEO friendly which will give you organic traffic.

Publish your very first blog post.

Work on creating backlinks which will help to grow better SEO friendly blog.

I can expect now you got the point on how to make blog and how to earn money from blog. So if are really interested about blogging then with out weting time start a blog and earn money by blogging .

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That’s all guys I hope this article will help you in the right direction, let me know in comment section below what you think about How to start a blog in 2019?