15 easy ways to make money online

Everyone wants to make extra money online nowadays but few people get success.
So In this article, I will tell about how you can start your own small business and make money in Online.

To be honest in online lots of ways available but maximum people get stuck from where and how they should start. So the result also comes shocking and because of that many people left the online business.

However here is top 15 alternative business solution where you can make make money while sleep.

Even though i explain how you can make money online in free. This money making free methods for them those are afraid to invest online or do not want to invest.

1. Affiliate Marketing

You maybe hear about affiliate marketing ! do you know with affiliate marketing top digital marketer earning 6 figure in every month?
ok, let me explain what is all about affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing
Make money through Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting someone else product or service and when someone buys that product or service through your promotion then you will get the promotion commission the commission rate can be from 1% to 90% it depends abut product.

The cool part is you no need to keep stock of the product you just need to promote the product, there are several ways to promote the product and generate commission.

You can start affiliate marketing from click bank, or JV zoo or CJ.
Know complete details about affiliate marketing and start affiliate marketing easy way.

2.CPA Marketing

The CPA marketing is another way to make money online this is also similar to affiliate marketing.

So what is CPA stands for well CPA stands for Cost Per Action!

Means you need to do some specific mention task if some of your traffic do the mentioned task then you will get a commission.

The task can be something like you need to promote a company where you have to get the traffic from a specific country with t

3. Dropshipping

Dropshipping another interesting money making way nowadays it is a very trendy business.
Let’s understand what is drop shipping all about:

In a simple definition dropshipping is a retail order fulfillment method where the store doesn’t have any product stock to sell,

but when a store sells an item it purchases the particular a product from a different third party it may be wholesaler or manufacturer and then directly shipped that product to the customer.

In this simple business modal, you need to create a drop shipping online e-commerce store, a drop ship store can be easily done by Shopify or WordPress, Magento etc.

Best platform for the dropshipping website is Shopify but if you want a readymade dropshipping website then Ali express dropship plugin can help you out.

Check here how to get a readymade drop shipping website!

4. Online e-commerce store seller

You can become an online e-commerce seller and can sell the item through Amazon or Walmart or eBay or through any other e-commerce platform.

To become an online seller you need to have a warehouse where your all product will be there.

You need to buy the product in bulk and

Need to sell according to your order.

5. Lunch own e com business

Another method is lunch your own e-commerce business it is very similar like Amazon or eBay seller but the difference is Amazon or eBay are the multivendor site it means many vendors can sell their product form a single platform, but in your case, you would be the owner of the site as a single vendor.

If you have any shop you can use that shop as a warehouse or you can make we’re house this is up to you.

You can follow a particular niche or can go for a general store which means multiple products can be offered from multiple niches.

6. Become an online instructor

Online instructor is another opportunity to earn extra cash you can continue this job along with a regular job. The best part is this is completely online and can do according to your flexible time.

You can choose your niche and make a video or instruct your student through the internet that’s the cool thing.

Make money though Online instructor
Online instructor

For example, you are very good at programming you make a video tutorial and sell it in online like udemy.

If you have a good amount of student you can earn more. This is one of the most popular money making a trick in 2019.

7. Youtuber

Youtube is one of the fasted ways to get the global audience with your creativity and based on your creativity, hard work it gives you hard cash on your hand. Yes through youtube you can earn faster and can choose as a career.

Basically, if you want to work on youtube and want to make money from youtube then you need to be passionate about your niche without passion it wnt work.

become youtuber
Become Youtuber

The audience of youtube likes quality video content which will give the impact of their business.
So you need to care about your content, you need to make a schedule to upload the video or preplan about your video.


Blogger is another way to connect the world and make money online fast form it. If you are patient about reading writing then blogging could be an amazing platform to express yourself. It gives the opportunity to connect with a global audience get a reward as money.

Yes if you have a personal blog or website with a decent amount of traffic you can apply for an advertising agency for a monetized blog.
With having a blog you can use the different trick to get targeted traffic and building email list.

And here is the advantage if you have a good email list and that is for specific niche you can connect through email.
In the email, you can offer them a related affiliate product when they will buy then you can generate a commission.

9. Work as a virtual assistant

Worked as a virtual assistant is another way to make money online in 2019. It is kind of freelancing you can provide multiple services based on your skills.

Not understand right? ok let me help you,

You assume Mr. John has an e-commerce store and by the ways, he is the owner of the store. In this store customer engagement is high.

Generally, in an e-commerce store have lots of work before the product actually reach to the customer. John has two friends those are hep john. But John wants to handle customer query which is not possible by John’s team.

So john looking someone who can handle only customer part, nowhere you can help him as a virtually. so you will not be present physically but virtually.

So you can try once if you want to be virtual assistance it is the new and trendy way. You can find a job from up work, freelance.com, and other freelancing websites.

10. Became an Instagram influencer

You probably heard the word social media marketing! let’s understand what is this!
If you have a larger number of Instagram followers then you can use those followers to promote your business.
Instagram influencer basically promoting the product or service on your Instagram page.

11. eBook sell

ebook selling can be a good and profitable business. Find a niche and write an eBook on your niche topic. The best part of the eBook is you can start with 80 – 100 pages which are very good initially. So after making an eBook you sell it and generate profit.

You can sell your ebook through Amazon or another e-commerce platform. However, if you are not familiar with selling eBook in an e-commerce store. You can use https://kdp.amazon.com/en_US/ kindle or can promote to your blog subscriber.

12. Sell your photos

Selling your photos would be another alternative to start a business and make money form it.

photography siteoverflow
Become photographer

13. Webinars

One of the great methods is webinars to make money online while you are sleeping. The process of webinars is very simple you can make it automated mode and drive the targeted traffic to your landing page.

The advantage of webinars is conversation yes the conversation rate is higher especially if you sell a digital product.

14. Freelancing

Freelancing is a popular business modal which you can start with ZERO investment. The best part of freelancing is you can choose work as per your ability and skill. There is no boss no deadlines grab order based on your ability.
Many freelancing websites is available you can register one of them and can start freelancing journey.

You start the business with a small team like taking a project and complete on the time and generate profit.

However Freelancer industry welcomes you if you know graphic design, photoshop, coding, marketing, content writer, data entry etc.

make money in freelancer job
Become freelancer no need to go office

To get successful in freelancing if you have kept some of the point s in your mind…

  1. Find what is the service you can give to your client. In which topic you are strong which can be photo editing, typing, VA, Influencer etc.
  2. What is the project you will take should complete in the time? If you need more time you can clarify before starting the project. This would help you to get a positive rating. And in the freelancing, your service rating is one of the powerful components which your client would check first before assign you any project.
  3. Give priority to your client. Ultimate you have to make your client happy. If your client is happy then there is a chance to get a future project from the same client.

However, if you are really interested here is the popular freelancing website where you can register your self and start this business.


15. Stock market business

If you have knowledge about the stock market then you can invest in the stock market. You can work in the stock market part-time or full time it can give a good return.

Investing in the stock market would be another alternative solution for making money online.

However, it is not an easy and risk-free business model, in fact, it is very risky if you don’t have proper knowledge.

The advantage of working in the stock market is at the same time you can invest in cryptocurrency also.

Another thing is if you want you can open consultancy related to the stock market.