13 simple ways showing how to improve writing skills

Writing is not difficult but to become a good writer you should improve writing skills.
Obviously, you can sum up your thoughts and transform that into strings to make sentences. Well, it is absolutely fine but what if you fail to grab the attention of the reader? What if the reader does not rejoice?
Feeling melancholic?
Hell yeah! There is always a solution to each problem. You can start with either offline writing or online writing. There are some opportunities and links where you can start with free online writing courses or join in creative writing courses. I am advising you 13 easy ways to strengthen your pulse to take a pen and start writing.

Never back down

Let’s recall a story of the legendary Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.
On his debut against Pakistan, he was hit in the ear by the expressive and perfectionist bowler Wasim Akram, though it was not intentional, just a part of the game. He was bullied by some Pakistani cricketers because of his age and height. He was bleeding already and asked to leave the field. But he replied, “I will play.” Rest is history.
So never lose hope. Be confident and brave enough to overcome all your fears. There is nothing beyond self-motivation. Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself, Yes! I can do it.

Read and observe

Read and observe to improve Writing skill

Make it as your habit and transform it into a passion. Read articles, magazines, newspapers, blogs and last but not the least, novels.
Well, you may think, why am I suggesting to read?
There are some techniques to learn. You should learn to digest before you swallow. So read, learn, observe, imagine and implement. These are steps to follow and reading is the first approach.

Listen to music and go through subtitles while watching movies

This is another way to learn how to construct effective and rhythmic sentences. Sound waves create vibrations inside our brain without pain.

The Key to get success in writing

Hence, we groove with the flow of it and remove all our stresses. I know that you listen to music but still failing. Well, try again. Listen carefully, note down words you never heard before.

Keep a Notebook and Practice Writing!

Start practicing with a mini story. While traveling, you are gazing at something mesmerizing and thoughts are flowing all over you. Write it down at that very moment. Do not think too much. Just elaborate on your thoughts. To develop writing skills or improve writing skills, it is not necessary to please others. You read first and if you feel the rhythm then, Yes! Bang on brother. Do not stop until it soothes you.

Demonstrate with live examples

Always motivate readers with live examples. Sometimes your guests at home may not like to have sweets but the spicy food will satisfy them. Always set your target audience and elaborate with your perception and let them judge thoroughly. Give some practical examples to compare their thoughts with the subject. So it would be easier to understand.

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Attentive Content

Grab your readers with some delicate contents.
Just like a cherry on the top of a cake. Sincerely help your reader and that is the basic ingredient of attraction and let them follow you. Use pictures, icons for the significance of your writing.


Mantra to Improve writing skill

Always try to play with words. Experiment results in innovation. So explore more and jumble up words with some attractive and unique phrases. Use quotes of legendary personalities. But always keep your reader in the spotlight.

Follow the basic principles of writing and correctness

As we know grammar and spelling are the most important ingredients in writing. So while writing, always keep it in mind to check the spelling and grammar. Well, you may have a gigantic vocabulary in the mind library but you need to learn how to use and where to use. We can cook a shepherd’s pie and Indian chicken bharta but if you put wine in chicken bharta for experiment then it will be turned into a mess. So do the experiment but do not mess it up. If you messed up then, alter.

Ask friends and allies, Get feedback

After writing something, ask your friends to read and earn feedback. Sum up all and start the analysis. It will help you to grow your skills. Let it be either positive or negative but your impact should be deep. Do not hesitate to ask them for negative reasons. You have the wand to turn coal into a diamond.

Find a partner

Find a partner and start work together. It will help both to improve writing skills. Join workshop and creative writing courses.

Follow your favorite writer

Select some writers who admire you to become a good writer. Writing is an art, so to be an artist you need some inspiration and ideas. Imitate those writers. Read and learn the depth of their writing, views, psychology. If a book is a body then writing is the ornament and a good writer can develop a soul inside.

Participate in a writing skills competition

Competing with others can develop your writing skills as well as inner perception. It will help to grow self-confidence, self-esteem, and knowledge. Contact publishers to publish your writing. You may not get the chance in your first attempt but keep trying. Your motive should be clear as a crystal. Joining these writing competitions will encourage and develop the hunger to win.

Make it simple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Ensure that contents are properly aligned and understandable. To maintain sophisticated content, you need to be focused while writing. There is no such glory to use aesthetic words unnecessarily rather than making it easy and simple. Start with simple and short writing. Always watch steps rather than skipping.


The key to success lies within simplicity. So make it simple and unique. Share your abstract visions in a simple way, is the technique to learn. Keep motivating others for the same purpose.

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That’s all guys I hope this article will help you in the right direction, let me know in the comment section below if you have any question.